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“Solve a real problem that creates real value in the world” says Lalit Mangal

Start-ups tend to fail, that is the reality. The rigours and challenges of entrepreneurship are not for the faint hearted. The collapse of a new business may be unsettling for young entrepreneurs, but for many start-up veterans failure is a given.Failure tends to affect people in different ways. While some entrepreneurs are so singed by … Continue Reading ››

Flatchat Goes International with Singapore Debut

CommonFloor-backed roommate finder and home rental app, Flatchat has expanded its operations overseas to Singapore. Currently, the service is in beta and users will have to log on this website to get an invite for the service. The company says that it has completely redesigned the service for Singapore and it will be available for … Continue Reading ››

CommonFloor.com awarded ‘Best Property Portal of the Year’

CommonFloor.com, India’s leading real estate platform has been awarded with the title of ‘Best Property Portal of the Year’ for their contribution to the online real estate industry in India. At the ceremony held by Realty plus, Excellence Awards were conferred to industry leaders to recognise their contribution towards accelerating the growth of Indian realty … Continue Reading ››

CommonFloor.com breaks new ground in marketing featured on IndianTelevision.com

Everything one ever desires can now be obtained with the click of a button and one such thing on the never-ending list, is real estate. Whether one wants to buy, sell or rent property without resorting to dusty travels and dingy meetings with shady brokers and real estate agents, now there are portals galore to … Continue Reading ››

“We want to be the best in property visualisation because real estate, essentially, is a visual experience” says Lalit Mangal in an exclusive with Business World

“We want to be the best in property visualisation because real estate, essentially, is a visual experience,” says Lalit Mangal,while showing a ‘Live-In Tour’ of an apartment on his mobile.A 360 degree tour of the property, right from the entrance, ’Live-In Tour’ is just one of the innovative features CommonFloor has put into place to … Continue Reading ››