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Blog posts about features on commonfloor.

Discover the latest on Commonfloor’s AMS (Apartment Management Software)

The latest feature on CommoFloor's AMS is the 'Email Delivery Status'. This feature enables the admins to identify the email delivery status of all the user's id's.  The main benefits that this feature serves, is that, in case a user has unsubscribed from AMS e-mails, then … Continue Reading ››

CommonFloor introduces the all new RWA feature on AMS (Apartment Management Software)

CommonFloor brings to you a new and comprehensive feature, 'RWA' in AMS. The RWA feature was mainly introduced to give the association members a platform to communicate with all the new users an firsts time log-ins in the community.

There are two main aspects of … Continue Reading ››

Introducing ‘My House’ in Apartment Management Software

'My House' is the latest feature on Commonfloor's Apartment  Management Software (AMS). You can find this feature under the 'Help Desk' tab on the landing page of your AMS.

The 'My House' feature was so created to enlist the … Continue Reading ››’s User Interface revamped! has dawned a new attire with its UI (User Interface) fine-tuned and revamped! The new design of the website is more vibrant, clean and progressive.

In our constant endeavour to serve you better, the new UI has … Continue Reading ››